Dua For Coronavirus : How to prevent Coronavirus in Islamic way

The Symptoms of Coronavirus

The virus develops pneumonia and Dua For Coronavirus  The unwell people are recognized to be afflicted by fever, coughs and respiratory troubles. In acute eventualities, it could reason the failure of organs. As it’s far viral pneumonia, antibiotics won’t be beneficial. Therefore, the antiviral drugs we decide against flu would be of no use.

People may also get support for their lung’s performance, fluids, and other organs if they get admitted to the Hospital. Their healing depends upon their immune gadget’s energy. Most of the deaths have happened to those human beings, who have been elderly or who had a poor immune machine.
It is contagious; Proved!

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Flu and cold symptoms

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Dua For Coronavirus
Dua For Coronavirus

Dua For Coronavirus (any type of virus or disease) in Islam

Allah and His messenger said!

Avoid the forbidden things and stay away from them coronavirus is a fact.

The use of forbidden things is due to the use it The Hadith:  Abdulrehman bin Auf I have heard the Prophet (PBUH) says,

Dua For Coronavirus
Dua For Coronavirus

That when you hear about land, The plague is spread there so don,t go there and the land on which it spread and there you so don,t run away from the plague of avoiding(Elsewhere) cooperation. According to the command of Allah and His messenger corona should fear God rather than fear the virus. All of this is a punishment for our own sins. Allah must remember as much as possible. Coronavirus is a viral illness, So we need to add as much of the surah Fatiha as we can read. we should pray to God more and more.


Dua For Coronavirus
Dua For Coronavirus

Hazrat Noman Bin Bashir(may Allah have mercy on him) said The prophet (PBUH) said the prayer is worship and then after that, you read this verse and your lord has said pray for me.i will accept your prayer. Timati, Abu Dawood, Nissan, Ibn-e-Majah This Hadith proved that prayer facilitates every problem of Human beings.

We should always pray to Almighty God for the forgiveness of our sins so that. He can remove us from the virus-like calamity. (Ameen) The nation of Hazrat Younas ؓ Seeing the doom coming,

The people of Hazrat Younus fell down in prostration and collectively repented so Allah Almighty had avoided the torment if we repent today without criticizing it. So Allah will protect us from the punishment of the coronavirus.

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