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Standing With Kashmir (Kashmir Bany ga Pakistan)

People of Kashmir are brutally killed in kashmir everyday and no one  is taking stand on it. Why every body is silent on this serious issue. They are targeted with pallet guns and use of cluster bombs are forbidden in war situation but it is openly used in kashimr on children, on women and men. Forget that those people are muslims, they are humans first. Please raise your voices in this regard. They have seen alot  war situation in kashmir and they have buried 1000’s dead bodies of their loved one’s. I know this is is nothing  but , we have to be on same plateform and raise voice together  step has to be taken.


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I Stand with Kashmir
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  1. Everyone has a right to live free. I stand with Kashmir Freedom Movement.

  2. We all are humans and have equal and same rights to live, love respect each other. Fear God, imagine treat others the same way you want to be treated.

  3. Allah umat e muslamah main ghairaat paida kr dyn or ehl e kashmir shaam or hr jagah bybas muslmanoon ki madad frmayn,ameen

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