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The bells are heard and we all are in the CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS spirit, the shopping is done rigorously and the best time of the year is around and we can hear the slow approaching steps of the springtime as well. Well, if you want to wish someone on Christmas then you can always get flower delivery in Delhi or wherever they are living.

When you think about Christmas, you must be imagining the gingerbread house, the fairy lights, and the Santa sleigh and you must remember your childhood as well when you used to be good just so Santa Claus could drop by and give you a present.

Christmas is just one time of the year where everyone just forgets the stress they have or the things that are due and just celebrates as they have imagined all along and you can do the same as well. Well if you are looking for the places where you could go to and just celebrate the Christmas with your loved one then here is a list of the places where you can be at this christ, as, just make sure that you are not missing them:


Well, these days somewhere the meaning of Christmas deferred from person to person, for some it means to just pray on this day as Lord Jesus Christ was born, but for some, the meaning of Christmas is to pray and then just have a nice feast with the family and friends but in this time we just overindulge in everything, Christmas is all about the togetherness. Embracing your loved one and helping the one is needed and just to experience the true spirit of Christmas you can always go to Jesus’s birthplace, the pilgrimage will surely be amazing. As soon as the clock strikes twelve you can always be at st.catherine church for the midnight mass and just experience Christmas at Jesus’s birthplace.


Well, the Christmas time will just fill your spirits up with joy, there are Christmas markets, ice skating rinks, and a whole winter wonderland, the whole place is transformed into something else and the place is just wonderful, the tree is standing tall in the capital decorated with the twinkling lights and scenery to behold. You must visit London during this time and just look at the place. You will just be awestruck and the place is also filled with the shops, especially the oxford street so just make sure that you are prepared with the list of the things you want to do on Christmas.


Since the movies have revealed how Christmas is celebrated in New York, it will just be more beautiful to experience that for real. What you can do is that you can just wake up your significant other or loved one and just hand them the bouquet you got from the best florists in Bangalore and just tell them that you are going to celebrate Christmas in new york. The city has the largest Christmas tree which is just magnificent, the tree is displayed at the Rockefeller center and it is said that you can also go skating beneath it. is it not wonderful, a Christmas full of magic?


All year round, there are many people in the world who visit the Vatican city but the city has its own beauty during Christmas times, you must visit the city at Christmas ever and you will witness the magic as you can go for the mass at St.Peter’s basilica. These are times that you will just remember forever. You are going to find the roasted chestnuts around every corner that you go, there are many more places to visit in Vatican City that will just leave you awestruck.


Well, the Santa Claus is in the town now, you can always go for the snowy forests with the Santa being around there. He is always there waiting for you and you are just going to java a beautiful time there. All you have to do is just be there in the town and you will just enjoy the Christmas spirit. You can also visit the amusement park nearby that will just be really fun for you and just enjoy the rides that are there.

Make sure that you are enjoying your Christmas happily and in a fun way. It is the time where you and your loved ones can come together and celebrate and be grateful for all you have. Just make sure that you are helping the needy during this time as well.


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