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The only benefit of the Corona virus just revealed

BEIJING: The Corona virus has almost engulfed the whole world, but there has also been a factor of good news that air pollution in diverse countries has begun to lower rapidly.

According to Mail Online,  pollution is decreasing worldwide due to the declining transportation of human beings and falling fuel consumption.

Especially in China, Italy, and Spain, the amount of nitrogen dioxide inside the air is decreasing rapidly.

NASA has reported in its record that the amount of nitrogen dioxide inside the Chinese town of Wuhan has dropped dramatically.

This gas produced in the air,  by automobiles, factories and thermal energy plants. Due to the Corona virus, these cars and factories are shutting down.

For the first-ever time in the history of the world, we are seeing climate change dramatically,” said Dr. Fei Liu, NASA’s air quality researcher.

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According to the report, lockdown is or has been in these 3 countries, and due to the shutdown in people’s homes, traffic remained unaffected.

Which brought about the discount of nitrogen dioxide inside the air.

Images by USA space company NASA are clear: In February, the concentration of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) fell dramatically in Wuhan.

The epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, passing from a trademark that turned into red/orange to blue.

NO2 is in particular produced by using vehicles, industrial web sites, and thermal electricity stations.

European Space Agency Revealed That:

As China movements past the height of its crisis, however, recent images via the European Space Agency (ESA)  display a resurgence in NO2 emissions.

Corona Virus Update: The European Space Agency (ESA) display a resurgence in NO2 emissions of Wuhan, China
The European Space Agency (ESA) display a resurgence in NO2 emissions of Wuhan, China

A striking discount has also been discovered by way of the ESA in northern Italy.

The European Environment Agency (EEA) reports a similar alternate in Barcelona and Madrid, in which the Spanish government issued confinement orders in mid-March.

‘NO2 is a short-lived pollutant, with a lifetime within the ecosystem of about one day,’

said Mr Vincent-Henri Peuch, from the EU earth surveillance program Copernicus.

‘As a result, this pollutant stays near the emissions sources and can be used as a proxy of the depth of interest in distinct sectors,’ he stated.

Mr Fei Liu, an air great researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre, cited the change in China, saying:

‘This is the first time I actually have seen such a dramatic drop-off over any such wide area for a specific event.’

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