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Top 10 Billionaires Richest People in the World

Top Ten Billionaire


1-Jeffrey Preston Bezos (American Entrepreneur $131bn)

Jeff Bezos born in January, 12, 1964 at Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.An American Entrepreneur who played a key role in growth of  E-commerce..He is the fonder and chief executive officer of Amazon.com Inc.This company is an online Books store and a wide variety of Products.Jeff Bezos did hard work and his countless effort , Amazon became World largest retailer on the Internet and world wide web. Its yearly  net sales in 1995 was  $510,000, later on in 1998 increased to some $600 million, then increased more in 2008 almost $19.1 billion. But now according to the survey of 2018 Amazon yearly net sales is more than previous which is $213 billion. Thats why he is at no 1 in top 10 billionaires.

Bill gate

2-William Henry Gates (Microsoft Owner $96.5 bn)

William Henry Gates was born at Seattle, Washington in 28 October1955. He is known as the founder of Microsoft.Bill Gates is one of most intelligent person and the richest person in this world. His recently estimated wealth is almost US $84.2 billion.In recent years he has retired from working full time at his own company called Microsoft. He runs a foundation name “The Bill Melinda gates Foundation”.


Warren Buffet

3-Warren Buffet (CEO, Bershire Hathaway $82.5bn)

He is known as the “Oracle of Omaha” Warren buffet is one of the most successful investor in the world.Buffet runs Berkshire Hathaway. This company owns more than 60 different companies, including Insurer Geico, Battery maker, Duracell and Restaurant Chain Dairy Queen.In 2019 Warren donated his fortune which is almost $3.6 billion,Much of it donated to the foundation of his friend Bill Gates.In 2010 Warren and Gates decided to launch the giving pledge, They asking to billionaires to donating half of their wealth to charitable causes.


Bernard Arnault

4-Bernard Arnault (Businessman,CEO of LVMH  $76bn )

Bernard Arnault 70 years old businessman is the CEO and Chairman of  Louis Vuitton SE, Which is known as LVMH, The  world largest company of making luxury goods.He is the Richest person in the  Europe and  and owns leading Fashion industry LVMH,which is more than $53 billion revenue in 2018.His yearly worth an estimated $107.6 billion.Recently he surpassed warren buffet to became  the third-richest person in the world.Now he is at no 4th in top 10 billionaires.


Carlos Slim

5- Carlos Slim (Top Billionaires Mexican businessman $64bn)

He is a Mexican businessman, engineer investor and philanthropist. He was the richest person in the world  between 2010 to 2013 in row.He was born in January 28, 1940 at Mexico city.His Net Worth per year almost  $56.9 billion USD.He has a family business America Movil, America’s biggest mobile telecom firm. Slim bought a stake in Telmex Mexico’s only phone company in 1990. Now Telemex is the part of America Movil.

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